Cancer survivor celebrates losing 60lbs after aggressive treatment caused weight gain

A woman who gained weight during treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer is celebrating after losing an incredible four stone.

Babs Caroline, 51, from Scartho, weighed over 16 stone before kick-starting her weight loss journey, shedding more than 60lbs with the weight loss programme.

In April 2008, Babs was diagnosed with cancer and following a lumpectomy, endured an intensive course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat the disease.

Steroids taken throughout treatment caused Babs to gain considerable amounts of weight and, following the sad death of her mother in December 2009, she turned to food for comfort and further over-eating resulted in her weight sky-rocketing and her self-esteem plummeting.

Having limited success with other weight loss plans she had tried, Babs signed up to Weight Watchers and joined her local meeting at St John Fisher in Scartho with experienced Coach, Debbie Elder.

Babs’ weight began to drop off steadily as the SmartPoints plan allowed her to enjoy all the things she loved, with proper portion control and nutritional balance, achieving her weight loss goals in a flexible and sustainable way.

Babs said: “I am over the moon to have lost four stone with Weight Watchers. My weight loss journey has been a gradual one that I couldn’t have done without my brilliant and motivating coach, Debbie.

“Through my weekly meetings I’ve made friends to share food tips and exercise with. I’ve gone from not exercising at all to swimming twice a week and it’s all been done at my own pace, around my lifestyle.

“I walked into Weight Watchers not knowing anyone and unhappy with my weight – I thank the day that I walked through that door and made the decision to lose weight.”

Babs’ coach, Debbie added: “There’s no greater feeling than seeing your members achieve success. As with all Weight Watchers Coaches, I myself lost weight with the plan and I love that I can now share it with other people.

“Babs has overcome so much and I couldn’t be prouder of her for reaching her weight loss goal.

“Everyone has different needs and Weight Watchers allows its members to lose weight at their own pace, encouraging a healthy and balanced approach to weight management. It’s is the most flexible plan in the UK, one that fits around your lifestyle and the proven SmartPoints programme allows members to enjoy all the things they love while still losing weight.”