Running and walking are such an awesome physical activities that wake up every cell in the body.

These are absolute favorites in the world of fitness, and experts consider them as an excellent aerobic exercises that support healthy weight loss problem, improve mood, boost energy, regulate high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

For some walking is more like a way that will get them somewhere, but it is actually one of the greatest things to put your body through. It heals the body, enhances physical appearance and provides long-term health.

Every step you take strengthens your cardiovascular system, tones your muscles and increases their power to burn fat, and decreases the chances of numerous diseases.

Walking and running

Brisk walking is more effective in reducing the risk of heart disease than running when the energy expenditure of these activities is actually balanced out.

For the purpose of a particular study, a group of scientists compared the results of two separate studies for six years. They observed 33,060 runners and 15,045 walkers aged between 18 and 80.

The results showed that although the participants in both groups spend same amount of energy, walkers gained greater health benefits than their colleagues.

Running can reduce the risk of heart disease by 4.5%, but walking can reduce this risk by 9.3%. Walking had a greater impact on the following factors that increase the risk of heart disease:

  • Walking reduced the risk of first-time hypertension by 7.2% and running by 4.2%
  • Walking reduced the risk of first-time high cholesterol by 7% and running by 4.3%
  • Both walking and running reduced the risk of first-time diabetes by 12%

Dr. Paul Williams from the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory in California, the leader of this study, concluded that moderate-intensity walking and running offer amazing health benefits, because they both involve the same groups of muscles.

The difference is in the intensity of these activities. Runners and walkers were supposed to spend the same amount of energy to experience the same benefits, which means that you have to walk a bit longer than you would have to run to achieve the same effect.

Walking and running can be done anywhere, at any time, they do not cost a thing, plus they are considered as an excellent social activities.

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