This Is What Happens When You Don’t Shower For 2 Days, #5 Is Awful!

People that are hygienic consider showering two times a day is a normal everyday routine and laziness should not come in a way to the clean and fresh skin.

However, some people don’t know the importance of the shower and some days skip the shower and reschedule it for the next day. It’s time to stop this unconsciousness and prevent your body from different health and hygiene problems.

When you don’t take a shower, germs and bacteria that are in your body will activate and attack your immune system resulting with colds, infections, and sickness.

The dirt, the germs, and sweat will accumulate in your body and you won’t feel pleasant in your own skin. They also make your skin flaky and grubby and often times itchy.

On the contrary, when you don’t skip a shower your body will smell nice and won’t stink or release bad odor.