Use a t-shirt to curl your hair without heat

Do you ever wish that you could have beautiful curls? But upon researching how to get them, you realize that you’ll need to use a lot of heat and buy new tools? Well, don’t panic. Fortunately for you, this woman has the perfect solution.


Starting with fresh, wet hair right out of the shower, she adds a heat protectant spray to her hair – though no heat is needed. Then she uses some product to for shine and to help keep the frizz down. After smoothing it from the roots and combing it thoroughly throughout her hair, she places a t-shirt on the bed and lays her head down on it in order to wrap the t-shirt around the base of her neck. She pulls the shirt around the head using the sleeves to tie it down, effectively creating herself a turban. This helps protect the curls as the hair dries overnight.

Once she removes the t-shirt the following morning, she reveals stunning curls that cascade down her back It’s a simple way to have a beautiful hairdo that looks like you spent numerous hours curling it.